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Jinga Online




Jinga Online is an online multiplayer(or singleplayer) implementation of the popular party-game, with a hand-physics system on top. 

The concept is simple, you have to take out an element from the tower(anywhere under the last completed row) and then put it on top – you have to complete a row(by putting 3 elements next to each other) and then you can start the next one. As the game goes on the tower gets more and more unstable, the last player who successfully put an element on top without knocking the tower over wins. The controls on their own provide a great challenge as opposed to most games like this, you have full control over your hand – you can independently rotate your forearm, wrist, bend your fingers and of course, there is 3D movement as well. 

A round usually takes around 6-8 minutes, it really is a pick-up-and-go type of game, and it also contains online matchmaking so anyone can play with others even if your friends are offline(but solo play is also completely possible – no internet connection is required then, there is no allways online DRM bullshit). 

There are six, vastly different levels to enjoy(as I know the feeling of having friends with potatoes, one of them was made especially for low-end PCs, while it still looks appealing due to its style, it does run well even on older, low-end systems).


<the page is still under construction>

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