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Snowy Mountain PBR Pack

  • level_02
  • level_02_01
  • level_02_02
  • level_02_03
  • level_02_04
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_0
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_1
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_2
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_3
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_4
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_5
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_6
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_7_no_reflection
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_8
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_9
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_10
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_11
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_12
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_13
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_14
  • level_02_05_ingame_wip_15
  • level_02_05_paint_wip
  • level_02_05_paint_wip_2
  • level_02_05_paint_wip_3
  • level_02_05_paint_wip_4

What you get

-A 2x2km terrain(can be upscaled if needed of course) in 4×4 chunks, 1k each for performance considerations(with albedo, roughness, AO, and normal map), optimized for gameplay(the slopes are minimized so even physics based games should be fine with it, and the areas are well separated, plays really well with occlusion culling)

-4 distant terrain objects with albedo, roughness, normal, height, 2k each, triangle count is around 4k

-Custom terrain shader with global normal, color map, height blend, AO, distance based UV, close detail normal, etc. It uses Texture Arrays, so if you plan to use the shader please check if your target system supports it or not(on PC\console shouldn’t be a problem, it’s a DX10 feature). Please note that this shader have been specifically tweaked for this terrain, it’s not a general purpose shader, you could certainly use it elsewhere but I would advise you to buy something else if you plan to do this. The shader is about 15-18% slower than the builtin 4 splat shader.

-4 terrain textures with albedo, roughness, normal, height, and AO maps(2k each)

-3 photoscanned rocks(with 4 LODs, albedo, normal, roughness and AO maps(2k each), with a custom snow shader)

-4 grass texture(2x1k – diffuse, normal)

-4 trees(2k textures – diffuse, normal)

-Falling snow particle system

-Ground dust sprite sheet(3 variations)

-A few random props to make the demo scene a bit more interesting


-Color grading LUTs(a colorful and a more moody one)

-Post effect behaviour

-Demo scene with over 17.000 rock meshes scattered over the terrain and combined(to showcase occlusion culling, produces great(90+) FPS even on the FX8300)



In the screenshots above I’m also using the volumetric light and SSMS global fog effect, both are free.

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